Are Bitcoin Transactions Public?

Yes, all the Bitcoin transactions are public and are traceable permanently stored in the network. Bitcoin in principle address only the information that is used to define where the bitcoins are allocated and the points where transactions happen. The address meant the user wallet, which is created privately when the transaction happens.

There are multiple numbers of online guides available; however, ‘99Bitcoin’ explains a lot more as a super guide for Bitcoin new bees. It elaborates in detail about Bitcoin, why is recommend for investing money, how well you can invest & time of returns, updates on the pricing, and how to trade on Bitcoin with regular money in detail.

Good idea of investing in Bitcoin

Principally it is a good idea to invest your money as a saving wherein you can sell it further down in the future when you need more money – click here for info. Logically it is something that you are rotating others money in the name of investments, however, it is a win-lose battle. Apparently, investing the money in your hands in Bitcoin is a good idea.

To everyone’s question – are Bitcoin transactions public? It is public with all the stored information; hence, it is a good idea to invest in too for good returns. Choosing the right and best wallet is the basis for buying and investing in Bitcoins. As digital wallet plays the first role in Bitcoins, it is wise using wallets with salient features and prompt platforms that help you immediately at all the needed times. ‘Coinbase wallet’, ‘Exodus’ and ‘Mycelium’ are the popular wallets that help for perfect investing and buying Bitcoins.

Appending below are top sites where you can consider to invest both for Bitcoin and Crypto coins.

Coinbase,,,,, Finance, Bitsane,,, are the top leading Bitcoin and Crypto Investing Sites. Out of these, Coinbase is one of the leading platforms that allow you investing Bitcoins directly with USD. However, you can currently buy Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin with this Coinbase.

You can look for various other digital currency exchanges for Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) investments. You can make the purchase through credit cards at leading platforms say for or However, you will be given tutorials on Bitcoin payments and investment to educate yourself clearly. In India, you can make your Bitcoin investments and payments with Zebpay Exchange. The above-discussed sites will help for 100% transparent and public transactions.

Investing in BTC instead of ETH (Ethereum), in the case of Alt Coins is the best option. Otherwise, you can invest in either BTC or ETH as per the market price and good exchange. When considering future returns, both BTC and ETH have good value in the Cryptocurrency history.