Carpenter Bee Extermination

With most bees all you have to worry about is the stinger and how aggressive they are. However with carpenter bees you will be asking yourself how to perform bee hive removal but not because your afraid of them stinging you but because they are doing major damage to your house. What carpenter bees do is find any exposed wood in your home and then use their stinger to drill into it creating an almost perfect hole. That is how you identify carpenter bee damage versus termite damage or other pests related damage. You will also see the carpenter bee flying around the hole, usually entering and leaving the hole multiple times a day. So when you see these signs you will probably ask yourself what the best method of carpenter bee extermination is. Well there are multiple paths to extermination carpenter bees so read on to learn which one is a better choice for you.

Well the first thing you want to be sure of is that you are actually dealing with carpenter bees. Carpenter bees look a whole lot like bumble bees, so knowing what your dealing with is the first step in successful carpenter bee extermination. One of the few ways of telling that the bee your seeing is actually a carpenter bee and not a bumble bee is to actually see it drilling into the wood. Unlike bumble bees who cause no damage to structures carpenter bees can cause a lot of damage to homes and other wood structures. Carpenter bees will, if given the chance, drill multiple holes into any exposed wood.

So before getting into the extermination guide I will give you a couple tips in preventing a carpenter bee infestation problem. The best thing to do in order to eliminate the chances of having carpenter bees visit your wood is to cover up all exposed wood. A very simple way to do this is to simply paint the wood. This will make a barrier that the carpenter bees cant drill through which means you dont have to deal with carpenter bees extermination.

However if you already have several carpenter bees drilling into your home then your going to want to get rid of carpenter bees as soon as possible otherwise they may cause enough damage that you will have to pay a lot of money to get it repaired. So the first step is to obviously locate the hole where the carpenter bees was drilling this is where the bee will be sleeping. Bees are a lot like humans in their sleeping habits. They sleep during the night and are active during the day.

So your best bet for successful carpenter bees extermination is to attack the hole at night when the bee is most likely to be in the hole sleeping. You dont have to worry much about covering up exposed skin at carpenter bees are not known to sting. Now that you know where the hole is you must arm yourself with tools to make the carpenter bee extermination go down smoothly. Depending on whether you want to kill the bee or simply move the bee away from your house will decide what tool you use.

If you want to move the bee and not kill it then I suggest using smoke. Smoke is a natural depressant on bees. For example when bees come into contact with smoke they will act almost paralyzed and be unable to do anything. This makes capturing it very easy and relocation will be relatively simple. This is a good way to perform carpenter bee extermination without having to kill the bee.

However if you in more of a blood lust mood and you want to kill the bee then your going to want to use a different tool. I suggest using any pesticide that you can find at hardware stores. Bees are very susceptible to poison which makes it very useful for carpenter bees extermination.