Find the Food Plan That Refines Your Body

The body food plan While some plans do not give concrete results, it may be simply because they were not adapted to your morphology. Indeed, it is sometimes useful to locate the parties to refineĀ and follow the weight loss food plan accordingly.

Refine the lower parts of the body

Weight gain in the hips, buttocks and thighs is due to abnormal production of follicle, a female hormone produced naturally by the body during menstruation. Excessive consumption of sweets or alcohol promotes weight gain in these parts of the body. Sugar is poorly assimilated and transformed into cellulite deposits in the belt. To get rid of a high protein diet is indicated, because you will lose excess fat, read more on Optimize results by eating more lean meats, fish and chicken and less red meat.

You should also vary your lunches taking two eggs instead of meat. If spices are the flavor of certain foods, their use is not recommended, use of herbs like thyme or parsley. Accompaniment, prefer vegetables rich in fiber and a slice of bread. To avoid hunger pangs, take a fruit or yogurt. Between meals, drink 1.5 liters of water per day. And to enhance the effects of diet, work your abs, your glutes and legs.

Refine the upper parts of the body

After menopause, weight gain often occurs in the upper body. The accumulated fat in the arms and shoulders is due to a diet too salty and rich in carbohydrates and fat. Start by reducing your salt intake, as it promotes water retention. To eliminate the fat that clogs the arteries and improve blood circulation, adopt a diet centered on a draining vegetable such as celery, cabbage and cucumber. Also reduce your intake of red meat, eat more poultry, fish and low-fat cheese or yogurt.

Unlike sugar fast, slow sugar gives a lasting feeling of satiety. Thus, the different meals of the day, take mainly whole grains. Compose your menu but so have all the necessary nutrient intake in a single plate. Do not forget to take a fruit for dessert at every meal. If you get hungry during the day, eat fruit, yogurt or low-fat cheese with a small infusion. Regularly drink plain water will accelerate the effects of your diet.