Honey Bee Removal

Household pests come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are mean and green, others are blue and, well, not mean.  There truly exists a dichotomy within the pest community over their individual relations with the human species.  In the case of honey bees, however, such a dichotomy exists within the species itself.  They are extremely gentle creatures, yet many can attest to the bite that accompanies that fuzzy yellow coat.  So not everyone wants to undertake honey bee removal.

Before embarking upon a course of honey bee removal, it is important to remember the benefits offered to the environment by honey bees.  First and formost, honey bees are the primary pollinators in many niches.  Their role in the transmission of pollen is vital to the health of countless plants.  The process of pollination, in which honey bees play a critical role, allows such plants to produce the necessary fruit needed to carry on the seeds of the next generation of plants.  So if you are a good person, good samaritan, or just have a shred of a decency or heart, think before you remove the honey bees.

So you actually want to kill these buggers?  Well, its time for action.  In the course of honey bee removal, the first and most critical step of the whole process is identification and assessment of the infestation.  Are the pests actually bees?  You may think this is a stupid question, but youd be surprised at how easily certain pests can be misidentified.  Furthermore, yellow jackets arent bees, but they look incredibly similar.  So now that youve discerned the nuances of the situation, its time to act.

In most cases, the honey bee nest will be lodged in a structure, and thus extremely difficult to remove.  If it is possible, I suggest attempting to save the hive and relocate it as that will allow the colony of bees to survive, saving valued members of the ecosystem.  Unfortunately, you cant just take the hive.  The bees will be extremely agitated by your perceived intrusion and will defend themselves the only way they know how, by stinging you.  So, if you are steadfast in your will to save the bees, it is time to hire a certified beekeeper of specialist of the sort.  If not, just spray those suckers with insecticide.  They will drop like their insect counterparts, flies, and you will never hear from them again.  Thats honey bee removal for you.