How to Find a Beehive

Having an unwanted beehive in your backyard can bee a nightmare. However if you know the exact locationg of the beehive your are quite lucky. The most annoying and difficult thing to take care of is when you have a beehive in your backyard and you dont know where it is. This is why you must learn how to find a beehive. For if you cant located a beehive successfully you may have problems with bees for months to come as the only way to completely get rid of bees is to locate the beehive and destory it. Otherwise the queen bee will continue to make more and more drone bees as you are left prisoner in your own backyard. Be sure to know how to find a beehive if you want to be positive that your bee problem is taken care of.

Beehives can be extremely hard to find and therefore very difficult to destroy a bee infestation. So just how can we find beehives? First off you can located where the bees are swarming around. Most bees post guards around the openings to beehives. Beehives can be found in the ground, in trees, in hollowed out logs, and just about any other place that provides some good protection. Therefore if you see multiple bees flying around this area daily you can be quite certain that there is a beehive there. This is a very easy way to locate a beehives nest in your back yard.

However if you live in an area with lots of land it can be quite difficult to stumble upon a beehive unknowingly. This will mean you will have to do some investigative work if you want to locate the beehive. The next step of how to find beehives will need you to set up a bee trap with bait and all. Some good bee bait you should use sugar water. Now you should watch the bees after they take the bait as they will bring it back to their hive. If you can follow the bee back to their hive you will be able to locate the bee hive. These are great and easy ways to find beehives.