Wasp Repellent

Wasps are a very annoying pests that can also cause harm to those that come into contact. The best way to stop a wasp infestation or destory as wasp nest is to not allow it to be created in the first place. This is where using the right wasp repellent is very important as it can help you avoid the headaches of a wasp infestation later on.

The first thing you need to know about wasps is they are very territorial. So one repellet that uses this against them putting up fake wasp nests. When a wasp sees another wasp nest they stay far away. Therefore putting up these fake wasp nests in known wasp hotspots is a great way to repel wasps and cause them to not put up their own much more dangerous nests. You can buy fake wasps nests in most hardware stores or just do a search online.

Homemade wasp repellent products are a very good idea to have because it means you dont need to purchase wasp repellent from stores which can be much more expensive and filled with toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. The first recipe is to fill a large about two liter bottle with water. Next you have to add about two large table spoons of dish washing detergent. Simply put this mixture wherever you want wasps to stay away from. This is a great and cheap way to repel wasps.

Another way to repel wasps is to fill another spray bottle with water. Next just add about two tablesoons of hot pepper, or you could add chili pepper paste to the water. Simply mix it up well and spray it where you want wasps to stay away from. There is something about the chemicals in pepper that overwhelms the wasps and deters them from coming near them.

Another very interesting repellent to use against wasps is to slice up cucumbers. Sliced up cucumbers are known to be great at wasp repellent. Wasps for some reasons wont go anywhere near freshly sliced cucumbers. Another useful thing cucumbers do against wasp is to help relieve the pain from a wasp sting. Cucumbers seem to have been specially created to help against wasps.

These are all very good options to repel wasps without using dangerous chemicals and are extremely cost effective especialy when compared to store bought wasp repellents. However if you have wasps already around your house be sure to use a wasp trap to take care of the wasps.